Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

VQEG Brings International Experts Together

VQEG provides a forum, via email lists and face-to-face meetings for video quality assessment experts to exchange information and work together on common goals.

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Who we work with

  • Industry
  • Academia
  • Government Organizations
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • Other Standard-Developing Organizations (SDOs)
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Meeting Venues

Meetings shift from country to country

Upcoming Conference Calls

VQEG Vision


  • Leverage resources from multiple organizations
  • Combine individual research efforts into general solutions


  • Convey industry needs to academic researchers
  • Promote communication among researchers


  • Develop new and improved methods
  • Prove method validity
  • Analyze cutting edge technologies' impact on perceived quality
  • Drive new and improved international standards

VQEG Mission

The Video Quality Experts Group was first grounded in basic subjective methodology and objective tool development/verification for video quality assessment such that the industry could be moved forward with standardization and implementation. At the beginning it was focused around measuring the perceived video quality since the distribution paths for video and audio were limited and known.

Over the last 20 years from the formation of VQEG the ecosystem has changed dramatically and thus so must the work. Multi-media is now pervasive on all devices and methods of distribution have expanded from broadcast to cellular data networks. This shift has required the expertise within VQEG to move from the visual (no-audio) quality of video to Quality of Experience (QoE).

The forward march of technologies means that VQEG needs to react and be on the leading edge of developing, defining, and deploying methods and tools that help address these new technologies and move the industry forward. This also means that we need to embrace both qualitative and quantitative ways of defining these new spaces and terms. Taking a holistic approach to QoE will enable VQEG to drive forward faster with unprecedented collaboration and execution.

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Face-to-Face Meetings

VQEG face-to-face meetings are held approximately twice each year. The meeting style is a mixture of conference style presentations and work related to active VQEG projects. Presentations on any topic related to video quality are always welcome.


  • Introduction to VQEG: Google Slides (updated) or PDF from the end of 2022
  • SIGMM Records: New topics, Jun. 2021 meeting
  • VQEG eLetter, Nov. 2017: QoE evaluation of emerging immersive media technologies, including the current hot topics of virtual reality, omnidirectional content, point cloud and light field technologies.