Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

Video Datasets and Organizations

Source video content links

Free video content is available at the following websites. Some usage restrictions may apply.

Video Dataset Links

Free video datasets are available at the following websites (i.e., media and subjective ratings).

  • A summary of multiple video databases from Stefan Winkler (here)
  • AVT-VQDB-UHD-1 (here)
  • BVI-HD (here)
  • CID2013 and CVD2014 (here)
  • Consumer Digital Video Library (here, multiple datasets from NTIA/ITS and other organizations)
  • Gaming Video Set (here)
  • Konstanz image and video quality datasets (here, multiple datasets)
  • Laboratory for Image & Video Engineering (here, multiple datasets)
  • MCML 4K UHD Video Quality Database (here)
  • MCL-V Database, University of Southern California (here)
  • Netflix Screen Size Crowdsourcing Open Dataset
  • NTIA/ITS (here, multiple datasets)
  • Parking Database: AGH Video Quality of Experience (QoE) Team (here)
  • SYNAT Database: AGH Video Quality of Experience (QoE) Team (here)
  • UGC Dataset (publication), 1500 YouTube videos, 20 second duration
  • UGC Dtatabase: AGH Video Quality of Experience (QoE) Team (here)
  • Waterloo IVC 4K Video Quality Database (here)
  • YouTube UGC Dataset (here)

Image Quality Datasets

  • CCRIQ and ITS4S2 at the Consumer Digital Video Library (here)
  • KADID-10K (here), includes links to other image datasets from the University of Konstanz

Organization links

The following contains some of the organizations that have contributed to VQEG activities. These websites may contain information, tools, and products. Contact VQEG to have your website inserted below.