Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

Email Reflectors

VQEG Email Reflectors

The main VQEG Reflector (ituvidq@vqeg.org) is used for general topics, such as meeting coordination. Technical discussions occur on group reflectors.

The following reflector is hosted by AGH University using Google Groups. To join, send an e-mail to the chair at lucjan.janowski@agh.edu.pl

The following reflectors are hosted by NTIA/ITS using Lyris:

Subscribe yourself by sending an email to join-<list-name>@lyris.vqeg.org For example, to join the main VQEG reflector, send an email to join-ituvidq@lyris.vqeg.org

Lyris will send you a confirmation email. You will not receive mail from the mailing list until the confirmation is received. 

Alternatively, send an email to Margaret Pinson and indicate which list(s) you wish to join / unjoin. Because these reflectors are hosted by NTIA/ITS, you can also send email to these reflectors @ntia.gov, for example ituvidq@ntia.gov.

VQEG also uses the following special reflectors:

  • vqegboard@vqeg.org — private, for VQEG board discussions
  • meeting@vqeg.org — open, anyone can send questions to this reflector, concerning the next face-to-face VQEG meeting

Regarding Unsolicited Advertising on the VQEG email reflectors:

  • Although most parties participating in VQEG have commercial interests, VQEG shall remain a commerce free space.
  • Companies and individuals which abuse any of the VQEG mailing lists for unsolicited advertising will be deleted from all lists.
  • Unsolicited advertising, dispatching of brochures, public product presentations etc. are not allowed at VQEG meetings. Excepted from this are of course private discussions between participants, excursions to/through the meeting host's facilities and invited presentations.
  • Questions to the reflector regarding products are okay. The responses should not be sent to the whole reflector but to the requesting party only.
  • Information regarding conferences/journals related to VQEG work are okay to post to the reflector.

Email Lists for Questions 

The following email lists can be used to send questions and input. These are not reflectors.

  • meeting@vqeg.org Used for sending questions and input to the host and the Co-chairs regarding an upcoming meeting.