Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)


VQEG Outreach

An introduction to VQEG activities can be found in these Google Slides (updated) or this PDF from the end of 2022

This web page provides information on the VQEG outreach activities:

  • VQEG eLetter
  • SIGMM records

SIGMM Records

SIGMM Records are the newsletters from the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Multimedia. This is a magazine that distributes four issues per year containing articles related to successful research topics and background stories.

It is available as an ACM newsletter series (ISSN 1947-4598, with each article assigned a DOI) in the own website of ACM SIGMM Records (http://records.sigmm.org), in the website of the Special Interest Group on Multimedia (http://sigmm.org) and also in the ACM Digital library.
One of the sections of the Records is related to reports from Standardization organizations. There are columns related to MPEG, JPEG, and now also to VQEG.

VQEG columns until now:

VQEG eLetter

Mission Statement

Provide a timely update on recent developments, hot research topics, and society news in the area of video quality.

Issues and Tools

Select this link and open the "eLetter" folder to read the VQEG eLetter issues.

  • Issues of the VQEG eLetter
  • Individual eLetter articles
  • Author instructions
  • MS-Word eLetter Template: Save the template to your hard drive; then double-click on it to create a new document
  • A simple eLetter document in *.doc format. This is a good starting point for a reply  
  • A PDF file that demonstrates all formatting elements of the eLetter


The goal of VQEG eletter is to provide up-to-date technical advances on video quality related topics. Each issue of VQEG eletter features a collection of papers authored by well-known researchers. These papers are contributed by invited authors or authors responding to a call-for-paper.

  • Technical papers
  • Summary/review of other publications
  • Best practice anthologies
  • Reprints of difficult-to-obtain articles
  • Response articles

VQEG wants the eLetter to be interactive in nature. Readers are encouraged to respond to articles appearing in a prior VQEG eLetter.

Structure of Editorial Board


  • Kjell Brunnström
  • Naeem Ramzan

 Associate Editors

  • Margaret H. Pinson
  • Lucjan Janowski
  • Marcus Barkowsky
  • Glenn Van Wallendael
  • Patrick Le Callet
  • Vittorio Baroncini

Guest Editors

Guest editors may propose a special issue. Please supply the following information:

  • Title for the special issue
  • Sufficiently detailed description of the intended topic and the significance of this topic
  • Name, contact information, affiliation of the guest editor team and a brief description of their areas of expertise
  • Proposed call-for-papers
  • Tentative time-table for paper invitation and publication schedule